Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu

Have you ever felt like you’ve read this before, heard this before or seen this before? It may have happened many times with you, when you visit a new place, it seems like you have come here before. Often, when sitting between friends or talking on some issues to them, it seems like these things have happened before. When and where, you do not remember it. You also try to think about this Feeling for a few seconds, but when are not able to remember, then you leave it and go ahead. 

This Feeling is called ‘Deja Vu’. ‘Deja vu’ is a French word which means ‘felt even before’. ‘Deja Visite’ and ‘Deja Vecu’ are two feelings associated with ‘Deja Vu’. ‘Deja Visite’ means ‘the place that has been seen before’ and ‘Deja Vecu’ means the ‘I have lived here before’. The combination of both these feelings results in to the feeling of ‘Déjà vu’. But where does the ‘Deja Vu’ feeling comes from or what is the source of that feeling, if we had never visited that place nor we have experienced that incident before in our life.

Association with rebirth

Earlier, it was believed that this feeling of ‘Deja Vu’ has been associated with rebirth somewhere. It has been already written in many books about this process of rebirth where a person suddenly starts remembering all the things from the previous birth. But, it has been proven to be a lie by the science. Actually the whole thing is about the thinking ability of our mind and the part of mind which tends to store the memories.

Study explaining ‘Deja vu’

There is a study related to this feeling of ‘Déjà vu’ was published in 2016. According to that study, a team of scientists performed an experiment with some people. One of the scientists spoke some words in front of these peoples and those peoples were asked to remember those words. After some time, every person was asked about the words heard before.

Let’s, try to understand this with what actually happened at that experiment. The words told by the team of scientists were, bed, pillow, blanket, night, moon, stars and dream. All of these words are interconnected with each other. The scientist spoke these words only once and did not use these words again. Later, when one of the participants was asked that any word beginning with the alphabet ‘S’ was mentioned, he refused immediately.  But when the scientist asked about the word ‘Sleep’, the person became confused. The participant took some time to think and said that he had also heard the word ‘sleep’. This is because; the word sleep is associated with the other words that were mentioned, that’s why he agreed of hearing the word ‘Sleep’.

It is the creation of mind

Feeling of ‘Déjà vu’ is possible because of the ‘thinking and understanding’ part of our brain. When our brain is tired, it tends to correlate the similar words or similar feelings with some old memories. This is how our brain gives birth to ‘Deja vu’.

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