House cleansing conference in Stockholm

House cleansing conference in Stockholm

Paranormal activities and the interest in is not confided to the western hemisphere. Apparently, ghosts and outer-worldly entities are indeed on the agenda in Europe as well. It most certainly is in the Swedish capital. By the way,  If you ever find yourself in Stockholm you must try this supernice apartment hotel; They recently cleaned the whole place using air sanitation equipment from ozonstockholm. Which means that the air and the rooms are super fresh, no stale smell or residue from previous smoking tenants. Super fresh and healthy in every way. . I stayed there last year when visiting this conference in Stockholm on paranormal issue and house cleansing. A very good conference indeed, I learned a lot and the hotel was excellent. And the hotel was of course worth every penny. And by the way , Stockholm is a very fascinating city indeed with a rich cultural heritage of it’s  own. I also noticed that the people there harbour a lot of interest for our part of the world. Many people there are also very supportive of the Bolivarian cause even though the right-wing tinted and profoudly burgoiuse press do their best to smear our great leaders with all sorts of vile profanity.  I shall most definitely return to this great city one day. /Rodrigo

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