Legendary Monsters Of North America

Legendary Monsters Of North America

Wherever we go to any place on this planet, then it is sure that the native of that place always have “a story of monsters” ready with them.  Almost every culture around the globe creates mythical tales. And a lot of them involve scary creatures which after sometimes turned out to be legendary monsters of that place. Whether you want it or not but people all around the world have keen interest to know about them. We humans are so much exited to be a storyteller of some kind and talking about monsters gave us a great feeling. It does not matter much whether we fear from these monsters or not but we love to say tales of something which scares others. Maximum numbers of stories were created a long time ago, when presumably a lack of education, mass communication and critical thinking made such fables easier to believe.


Now here we will talk about the most talked and famous monsters who are now called “Legendary Monsters”.


  1.     La Llorona – The most famous legend of the Southwest is that of La Llorona, which appears to be dominantly of southern New Mexico origin. La Llorona, pronounced “lah yoh ROH nah,”a ghostly spirit woman who has been seen and heard roaming the Rio Grande, searching for her children, for centuries. There is scarcely a child in New Mexico that has not been told the story of La Llorona as a youngster. Many describe her as being a beautiful, alluring woman dressed in a white dress with long, black hair. Others say she is dressed in black. Only up close do people see her old, contorted face, and realize who she really is. Her spirit walks the rivers at night, often during a full moon, calling for her children, or luring the children of others into the river. It is said the meaning of the legend of La Llorona is to keep children away from the river at night. Others say it is a lesson to young women not marries out of your class. Perhaps the real lesson of La Llorona is for adults – those mothers and fathers have the profound responsibility to love and protect their children. Those who betray this responsibility will suffer the consequences for eternity


  1.     Chupacabra – Tales of a mysterious monster that sucks the blood of livestock have exploded in Mexico, the U.S. Southwest, and even China since the mid-1990s, when the Chupacabra, or Chupacabra, was first reported in Puerto Rico .They described a bipedal creature four or five feet tall with large eyes, spikes down its back and long claws. This beast, people claimed, was responsible for killing and draining the blood of livestock, an act that earned it its name – which is Spanish for “goat-sucker”.  if we compare the characteristics of real blood-feeding animals such as vampire bats with those of the Chupacabra, there are hardly any similarities. While it is difficult to assess the extent to which people still believe the Chupacabra myth, it remains a widely-discussed monster, not only in Puerto Rico but also the rest of the world. In recent years, Chupacabra have been reported as far afield as Russia and the Philippines. 


  1.     The Jersey Devil – One of the strangest is undoubtedly that of the Jersey Devil, a creature that is believed by some to be a mythical creature and by others, a real-life monster of flesh and blood. Its origins date back to when New Jersey was still a British colony. While some Jerseyans embrace their Devil as nothing more than a quaint figment of our collective imagination, a source of unification and pride, and a unique and important piece of NJ folk culture, others see it as a very real creature and a threat to their safety. Most accounts suggest that the creature has a horse-like face with antlers or horns sprouting from the top of its head. It walks on two legs, ending with cloven hooves or pig’s feet. The overall body shape resembles a kangaroo, though it also has wings like a bat.


  1.     Wendigo – The American Indians had their own tales of the Wendigo. Native American versions of the creature spoke of a gigantic spirit, over fifteen feet tall, that had once been human but had been transformed into a creature by the use of magic. They are tall and lanky and are driven by a horrible hunger. the Wendigo is created whenever a human resorts to cannibalism to survive. There are still many stories told of Wendigo’s that have been seen in northern Ontario, near the Cave of the Wendigo, and around the town of Kenora, where a creature has been spotted by traders, trackers and trappers for decades. The Wendigo is a demonic spirit rooted in Algonquin-based Native American folklore. This beast could also infect a person if that person was tainted by greed or had committed the sin of consuming human flesh. Like the spirit, the creature was able to poison the minds of humans, turning them into a Wendigo and forcing them to constantly crave the meat of other humans. Its speed and strength also grow with age, as does its ability to heal.   


  1.     Slenderman – Slenderman is the world’s first mythical creature spawned on the Internet, and there’s no question as to whether or not he really exists. Some say he lives in the woods and eats children, a kind of demon descended from eastern European myth. Some say he stalks human prey indiscriminately, wherever he can find it: in basements, outside half-open windows, along lonely streets late at night when only occasional headlights cut across the road. In some stories Slender Man has multiple arms, like tentacles, and in some he has no extra appendages, at all. Sometimes he seems to kill his victims themselves, in vague, mysterious ways that the faux news stories and police reports never seem to specify, before disemboweling them and bagging their organs.


These are some legendary monsters you will hear if you are visiting North America and its nearby places. You will believe on these stories as they are told in such a way. No one likes monsters as they spread evil only but for stories most of us find it fascinating or amusing. We all wants to add something more scariest than the monster we ever heard of.

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