Life After Death

Life After Death

Do you know where your soul goes after death? Do you know is there someplace you can reside after death? Do you know when your body is vanished on this planet that takes care of your soul? People say that if you want to know the real thing then you must be dead first, but we have to remember that if you do that, you won’t be able to share what you experienced after death. It’s a one way door once you crossed the door there is no coming back. But like almost in every situation there is an exception also. There are many who shared their afterlife experiences. They were declared dead once but their soul came back to their earthly body after sometime. These special souls shared their experiences with us, so we know something about what we should know about.

When the body is released on earth then what happened to their soul is centuries old question. In this connection, the curtain of mystery remains on the mind of the public while its solution has been discovered. Nevertheless, this thing is not considered scientific, because it is a matter of religion. We do believe that there are three types of bodies – macro, subtle and cause. When a person dies, leaving a gross body, he/she becomes completely in the subtle. After forgetting their astral body, the person takes on another body, but the causal body is the seed form which remains with us till infinite lifetimes. “A soul never dies”, although people die every day and take birth every day, but they do not realize this. The person who lives in the replica lives in the awakened dream and then the sleeping state. To know what happens after death, it is necessary to know the condition of the person’s mind first, or to say that it is necessary to know the mood, experience of thoughts, substances and senses of the soul. 

According to the divine texts, a soul experiences different kind of states or levels-

1.  Awakened

2.  Dream

3.  Sleepiness

4.  The momentary state.

The first three are experienced by every human being but the forth one is experienced by only those who become self-assured or who has attained liberation. They are in pure state, where there is no awareness, no dream, no sleep. Such people are said to be in the “State of full awakening”. There are many levels of the first three stages. Someone who lives in dream lives in a dream like living in a dream, even if he is awake. Someone is still sleepy, as if someone is drunk, surrounded by worries, sometimes they called as mentally disabled. The creatures like animals and birds around us are also awake, but we are more conscious than them, this is the unique quality among human beings. When the level of consciousness falls, then we become animalistic. It is also said that a drunken person becomes an animal. Plants are also deeply unconscious. That is why the Hindu Vedas say that continuous practice of waking up. Waking up can free you from nature.

The normal person leaves the body as soon as he/she sees darkness everywhere, which he/she never ever felt before. Everyone experiences it at the end of their life, just before leaving their soul from the body. People see things before dying, they hear voices of unknown, and very slowly they goes into a deep sleep. At this time they are unaware that they left their body. The same is felt by those who went into coma for some time and they shared their experiences to other who wanted to know what happened when your body is not responding but your mind went into a deep sleep. Yet people do not distinguish between awakening and state of dream. They are dead and alive at the same time. Such a person cannot be born until his memories of this birth are destroyed. Some are born in the form of exceptions, which are known to have been born before. This is called taking birth but with the past life memory.

People say that your next birth is decided by the things you did in your present life, you can be anything in your next birth (e.g. an insect, an animal or any other creature). Some says if you are remembered by some very hardly then the soul cannot leave this world and stays with us, around us as ghost.

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