Peru- The Land Of Witches?

Peru- The Land Of Witches?

Pisco is a small town about 3.5 hours south of Peru’s capital city of Lima. It is known as the home of the country’s national liquor of the same name. It is not only known for its vineyards but also holds the chilling myth of a vampire in its history?

Local residents continued to spread the story that she had been executed in the United Kingdom for being a vampire and a murderer. According to the legend, Sarah Ellen Roberts had been tried executed in Blackburn, after being seen biting the neck of a child and sucking the blood. She was reputedly executed as a Bride of Dracula and now haunts a Peruvian city has been revealed as a humble Lancashire weaver who met her death on holiday.

Sarah Ellen Roberts has become a cult figure in Peru, where the story goes that her husband brought her after she was executed in 1913 as a murderer. She was executed after being charged as a witch, vampire and murderer.  Sarah was said to be one of Dracula’s three brides. After her death, the Church of England refused her burial in consecrated ground, so her husband, John Roberts, traveled the world trying to find a destination to bury his wife.  The small Peruvian town of Pisco was the only place to accept her body. Before her death in 1913 she swore that she would rise from the dead and take vengeance in 80 years. But nothing out of the ordinary happened in Pisco when 1993 rolled around.  However, a deadly earthquake shook the town in 2007 and her grave was one of the only tombs that were mysteriously left untouched. Since that day citizens claim to see a ghostly woman wander the town’s dusty streets at night. So when you go to Pisco for the famous drink, don’t forget to look for the Vampire of Pisco!

Pregnant women fled Pisco out of fear that Sarah’s ghost would be reincarnated into one of their children while cloves of garlic and crucifixes were placed on houses throughout the area. The preservation of Sarah Ellen Roberts’ grave spawned a new legend about her.  Far from being a vampire, local residents decided that she was blessed instead. Only a true saint’s grave would be preserved when so many other graves were destroyed after all.

At one point the Mayor of Pisco even said he would like his town twinned with Blackburn – to which the Lancashire town’s own Mayor, Paul Browne, responded: ‘This vampire lark will do our town no good at all.  People around the world will think we are bloodsuckers.’

Roger Booth, Blackburn library’s local history expert, said: ‘Sarah has gone down in history but in reality she was just a cotton weaver.

In early June of 1993, the state controlled media of the dictatorship of Alberto Fujimori broadcasted throngs of people gathered in the cemetery of Pisco.  They held wooden stakes, garlic cloves, and holy relics, massed in front of the grave of Sarah Ellen. They were prepared to fight whatever demon, vampire or spirit that would return for the promised vengeance.

In 1993, a “Vampirologist” had appeared on a talk show program of Cristina Saralegui in Peru claiming that Sarah Ellen was one of three female vampires in the world. She talked of the legend, of her death and her oath of revenge.  The people of Ica were in hysterics after this program, especially those of the little port town of Pisco where Sarah’s body lay. Many were convinced she would arise again and reclaim human form. They made preparations and remained vigilant over the grave in the days leading up to June 9th.

‘It is understandable people in Peru may have believed this tale in 1913 but it is hard to see how they are still thought she was going to emerge from the grave in 1993.’

Some say that it wasn’t 80 years in which she swore to return, but 100, or 180!  The time may yet be to come…

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