Reincarnation Secret facts

Reincarnation Secret facts

Many times we heard about Transmigration, Metempsychosis or the most commonly used word in the concept of rebirth is Reincarnation. There might be a chance that you have heard about Reincarnation and you discussed about it but most of the time we never come to conclusion that it actually exist or not. It was a long time ago where people from West were not very much familiar with Reincarnation but after many researches done by many renowned Researchers, this fact is widely accepted.

Earlier it was ignored by most of the religions, due to religious restrictions. There were many restrictions for talking and reading about it. Now that era is gone. Though we don’t have any solid proof that Reincarnation exists but still there are many who tried to prove it by many examples.

In Reincarnation we believe that after a human dies, then it’s only there body dies but not the soul it transfers to a different body. The soul doesn’t leave the Earth; it just returns and takes a new body. This is also called Rebirth. Hindu and Buddhist religion firmly believes in its existence. When and where we will born is decided by our deeds and thoughts which we do in our lifetime. These are the deciding factors.  Reincarnation can be a punishment or a reward; it depends upon our deeds which we have done in our life. As per religion belief Reincarnation is a tool used by God for rebirth of a human soul.

People believe that Reincarnation happens the very moment when a person dies and the soul moves from one body to the other new born baby instantly. But this is just a myth because as per religious belief Reincarnation takes time not instantly. Sometimes few minutes, few months, few years or few centuries or more than that. This time depends upon acts you have done in your former life.

Studies done these researches on young children who were near to death and on those who claimed to remember their past life. Dr. Ian Stevenson, Psychiatrist did all these kind of researches and tried to correlate these peoples memory to find out the possibility of Reincarnation. He found that it is not a myth anymore but others rejectected his idea as there were no scientific proof for his studies. They said it is mere a coincidence not a proof of Reincarnation.

As per Hindu and Buddhist religion when a soul purified itself and did all the “Karma “in their former life, they were supposed to complete then the soul go in Reincarnation. Then “Nirvana” comes into existence and shows what a soul earns in the former life by good doings and thoughts.

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