Violent protests in Venezuela

Violent protests in Venezuela

The civilians’ war against the government is taking a barbaric turn in Venezuela

Considering the current political situation of Venezuela, it can be assumed that it is not a happily ever after situation for the civilians fight hard against the Maduro government accused of being corrupted and inefficient by the citizens. The currency is dropping like anything and adding fuel to the fire of inflation that has already started burning the country since past few years. Venezuelans, looking forward to a stable and fair government through a fair election but they are facing terrible resistance from the ruling government. For many, it is assumed that Muduro is turning into a dictator by breaking the democratic spinal cord of the country.

The Beginning

It all started with President Nicolas Maduro’s proposed Constituent Assembly. But more than 7 million citizens from the home and abroad voted against the proposed constitutional assembly which would have empowered the Maduro government to bring in havoc changes in the country’s constitution. Despite the massive opposition, the Maduro government moved forward without paying a heed to what the people’s choice is. From this act of avoiding the referendum, it is presumed that the country’s republic has long been broken down and the people are simply living on the ashes of the democratic powers they were given.

The After Effects

The opposition leaders, in response to that called for a 48-hour strike causing to massive damages to common people. The social contracts of the Venezuelans are completely destroyed along with facing extensive turmoil in living their daily lives. The shortage of sufficient food and medicines is taking a huge toll on the commoners who being the civilians are suffering the most. The old and children are the worst sufferers. The law and order of the country has also broken down and the commoners are robbed and looted daily.

The protests are killing innocent lives for the past three months. More than hundred are dead in the everyday actions.

What the government has to say?

Nicolas Maduro promised the citizens to carry the legacy of the late socialist leader President Hugo Chavez in 2013. The Chavistas turn out to be the opposition and claimed that the current president is exploiting the poor and befriends with the rich to make more money. But the president claims that the opposition wants an early presidential election and rather he claims to announce the formation of a new constituent assembly. The opposition, according to President Maduro is illegally conspiring to throw his government by waging the economic war. He also said that the new constitution will neutralize the opposition and will bring in peace to Venezuela.

The oppositions trust that, Maduro is bluffing and he simply wants to enter the domain of dictatorship by rewriting the old constitution.

The bleeding country and the hope of a good leadership

Civilization versus Barbarism is a very relevant topic in the current scenario. Those who are well informed of the Latin literature know the influence of this topic in literature during the post-colonial era. The country is bleeding with the acts of barbarism and the civilization is falling because of the lack of good leadership. Venezuela needs more development, education, industry and need a social-economic revival under the influence of a capable leader that cam bootstrap and show light to the new generations and gift them new possibilities with the new rising sun.

The act of violence should be resisted

Violence can never win heart. Bloodshed can never be the solution of winning wars. Though technically it is but, honestly, killing of innocent people can never be a solution for any new beginning. The martyrs are always worshipped but protecting the next generation is also the duty of the civilizations. Instead of depending largely on the populism, the frustrated people may try a different way of channelizing their resentment by finding a good leader that can harness the country together.

The tug-of-war between the two political parties and leaders are taking enormous toll on the peace of the country and by the internal fights. If the judiciary system doesn’t take a strong step, the country may enter into a civil war causing to more destruction and life loss.

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