The Biggest Supernatural Mystery of South America

The Biggest Supernatural Mystery of South America

The continent of South America is a wonderful place that is full of gorgeous people, incredible scenery, and some fantastic tales, located in the past, present and future. In this place, the traditions of ancient cultures were rocked to their core with the appearance of European kingdoms in the start of the Age of Sail. In this turbulent period, the continent was brought to its knees, colonized and then reshaped into something completely different. Today, this change and the endless mixing of cultures and traditions continues unabated, making South America into one of the most desirable destinations for travels coming from all over the globe.


But, the same continent is also full of secrets, many of which go back hundreds if not thousands of years into the past. Here, deep below the canopy of the lush rainforests, a history ancient and forgotten was forged and then lost. However, many believe that in the same ruins something much more important can be found – proof of the fact that supernatural phenomena was an integral part of the life back in those days. Here are the essential facts about this idea when it comes to the Maya civilization.

A Culture like no Other

The Maya civilization came about in the time known as the pre-Columbian Americas, covering a territory of today’s Mexico, Belize and Guatemala and even going all the ways to the parts of Venezuela. In a period 2000 BC, the Maya people first started to become organized in villages and also began practicing agriculture. In the next two millennia, which are called the Preclassic period, the civilization blossomed, establishing first complex systems for organization of the lives of the Mayans. But then, something happened that still makes so many people suggest supernatural phenomena must have been involved. In a space of just a few generations, the Maya civilization established some of the biggest breakthroughs when it comes to science and masonry that the world has ever seen. In fact, the boom was so incredible that today, many established scholars of this region believe something that many would label as insane: the ancient Mayans were visited by an extraterrestrial entity or entities that provided them with access to technology and ideas that were well beyond what they possessed earlier. While this sounds very farfetched, the truth of the matter is that this idea has many facts in actual reality that completely corroborate it.

The Building Boom

It is known that Maya decided to start and settle bigger locations than just individual villages around 750 BC. This also marks the time when the first rudimentary cities were created. Here, just 200 years later, which is a really short time in the period of ancient history, the Maya already built incredible structures in their settlements, including huge temples, all in a pyramid shape. The cities themselves had incredible utility networks that fed the water, kindling, and food, all working without a glitch. At the same time, they create the only full written language in the pre-Columbian Americas, along with an advanced calendar that is still being taught today at many universities across the world. But, there are many more facts work mentioning. First, the shape of the Maya temples is eerily similar to the shape of the pyramids of Egypt. Their calendar includes knowledge of celestial bodies they could not comprehend because they did not own any optical devices like telescopes. Finally, their writing, especially artifacts and locations found in Venezuela, showcase a constant mention of “visitors from far bringing gifts”. For many, this is a concrete proof of an alien visit in the ancient times. But Venezuela is not the only country where this have happened, nort is South America. Finland i northern Europe is apparently another hotspot for aliens activity. Or rather i was in ancient times according to some of the mediums talked to at the supernatural, spiritualistic site pre-historic Finland was visit by the ancient astronauts on a regular basis. Perhaps even long-before they shifted their focus to South America. 

Ancient Aliens

The key idea behind the supernatural phenomena of ancient aliens in the South America is a simple notion – many thousands of years and an alien expedition visited these tribes. Here, they gave them some of the most basic tools for a more organized life, for example, how to use elementary agriculture. Then, they visited again in a couple of hundreds of years to make sure their knowledge is being used for the benefit of all. When they confirmed this, they provided new knowledge, this time that of the building process, astronomy, and mathematics. With this knowledge, the Mayas build their empire. However, why did it collapse and what lead to it? This is just one of the questions in this supernatural phenomena theory from South America that will have to be answered one day.

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