El Cadejo creature

El Cadejo creature

El Cadejo is considered to be a Central American folklore creature, often described as a large black dog with glowing red eyes that appears at night to guard against evil spirits. The creature is believed to wander around graveyards and dark alleyways, and is said to attack individuals who are under the influence of alcohol.

With the charm of the moon, a young boy named Juan walks in the dense forest with his friends. They laugh, share stories and make jokes with each other. In the middle of the way, Juan felt that someone is watching him from behind. He turned his head in a hurry, there was nothing except a big black dog looking at him with it’s glowing red eyes.

The dog was very large, like a wolf, the pupils of his black eyes alight like they were on fire. They were shining brightly, reflecting the faint light of the moon. The presence of that beast, with its smelly and repugnant scent, was so terrifying that it made Juan and his friends step back, stiff like statues.

The dog moved closer towards Juan, but it didn’t seem to want to harm him. Instead, it looked like it was trying to protect him. Juan grabbed his stick and looked straight into the eyes of the dog. He didn’t move a muscle. Suddenly, an image of his grandmother came into his mind.

She has told him about the legendary El Cadejo, a creature with mystical properties. It’s believed to be sent by the spirits of good, to protect and guide those who encounter it. The dog of the forest, as it is known, can also ward off evil forces that might seek to harm people. Juan remembered that the Cadejo exists in both good and evil forms.

After a while, the dog turned back and vanished from sight. It left Juan baffled, but he felt very lucky and safe. When he went back home and shared the story with his grandma, she smiled and held his hand. This encounter with El Cadejo would be a guiding star in his journey of life, she said.

Though the existence of El Cadejo is debatable as it’s part of folklore stories and is found in various South American countries. However, the belief of people in this mystical entity remains alive. Some people who claim to have seen it, believe it has special powers and abilities that make them fearless in the face of danger.

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