Is GOD Supernatural?

The term supernatural or having extra sensory abilities often infuses terror or horror in people. Generally people associate that a person having been labeled as supernatural is an abolition of nature but let me just tell you that it is a wrong perception. It has been fabricated by peoples to frighten children so that they would listen to their parents. The occasions like Halloween are one example of how supernatural entities are perceived in our society.

Have you ever wondered that GOD is also a super natural being? HE also has the powers that no one else has on this planet. We cannot see, touch or feel HIM but still we believe that He is merciful and the protector. Then why is it that some people do not accept the existence of supernatural beings just because they lack a physical appearance? May be because they are afraid? But why should they be. GOD is the most powerful supernatural being but we still believe in HIM and love HIM.

Those who believe in GOD and other supernatural entities are of the belief that they are not abolition of Mother Nature rather; they are created by the same GOD who created this whole universe. The only difference is that HE infused His own abilities to some of His creations to show case His own attributes. That is why we should not be afraid to accept that such a things can exist that cannot be seen by naked eye. And that these entities are a reflection of God so that we could identify and remember Him more often.