The World of Supernatural Beings

It is believed that this universe that we line in doesn’t exist in isolation. There are many others like it which are the parallel cosmos of this world. So whatever exists in this world exists in that too and vice versa. Although there are some beings that have been told to be found in one or the other or they might travel from one to other if they wish to.

I have brought together the list of known existence of these supernatural beings.

GOD: The most powerful and definitive supernatural beings that has the power of it all.

Angels: They are the first creation of God and are thus His right hands. They are made up of purity and serve God only.

Demons: Angels are free willed beings so some of them at some point deviate from the path of divinity and thus fall from heaven and God’s grace. These then turn into demons who are pure evil and thus do not enjoy the powers or protection bestowed by God.

Travelers: God has granted free will to angels so some use it as a blessing and leave their place in heaven to move through universes to find enlightenment. Some find God and thus become angels again while others continue their journey until they can.

Immortals: When a traveler procreates with a human, an immortal is born. Who cannot age but has the extra-ordinary abilities to fight the evil.

Vampires, Witches, Magicians, Wizards and Sorcerers are the other supernatural beings each distinct in their powers and qualities of good and bad. There are quite a few more beings of this world that we know off and a lot more that we don’t.