How these Supernatural Beings came into Being?

One of the reasons why some people do not believe in the existence of supernatural beings is because very less is known about how they came into being. It is believed that God is the creator of the universe and everything that is present in it.

It is said that all monsters i.e. demons, vampires, shape shifters etc had an alpha who either deviated from the path of divinity thus was punished and so it became like this. Or it is said that God created a monster race, Leviathans, but due to their brutality locked them up in Purgatory but one got out who then transferred its abilities to others.

Ghosts on the other hand are not created by an alpha rather these are the souls that linger in this universe due to their unfinished businesses or to take revenge etc. it is said that if a spirit cannot move on for a longer period of time, it then becomes a devilish ghost that is out to harm others.

Witch craft or hoaxing gave birth to Zombies who are the living dead. It was due to the exploitation of magic by witches who used their gift to reanimate dead humans. In some cases, Death, just to show its power, transformed corpse into zombies.

Companions of Death for its purpose are Reapers. These are neutral beings that assist spirits of the dead to find peace so that they can go on.

Fairies, the most loved creatures, are not always that charming. Some fairies also turn bad and vengeful by obtaining more power but generally they are all powerful beings.