South America Supernatural

South America Supernatural

South America is one of those places on Earth that houses some of the most ancient secrets.

There are folklore, legends, myths and supernatural stories that are coming through ages. Relics from the Mesoamerican Civilizations of Inca, Maya, and Nazca give hints of the existence of the ancient practices that are not natural as usual. The ancient tribes believed in psychic readings, supernatural and knew different ways to heal the diseased with such powers.

References have been traced from different sites. The crystal skull is one of the biggest examples. The story of the 13 crystal skulls probably may not be a myth anymore as all of those are excavated and gathered together from the different corners of the world. Researchers are still in awe that how the ancient people knew the craftsmanship of cutting the topaz against the molecular pointers, which is unbelievable.

Different researchers on the same have also revealed the fact that the ancient psychics used these skulls to heal people suffering from different agonies and diseases whether psychological or physiological. According to many paranormal specialists across the globe- the crystal skulls were the media of great knowledge. During the times of the Nazca or the Maya, the used to practice supernatural and they used such powerful topaz skulls.

Following this context, many archeologists, and the anthropologists are somehow convinced that the ancient Nazca and Mayan people grew a connection with the aliens. Many have also believed that they also developed a connection with the alien Gods who came on this planet and taught them many upgraded and advanced technology and science. The Mayan Calendar is one of the biggest examples. But if anyone is searching for the most authentic resource of believing whether the ancient people had connected with the people from the galaxy, the Nazca Lines are the greatest examples. These gigantic geoglyphs were first seen in 1938 from the air and later on, the UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1994. The total are is more than 80 Km that stretches in between the towns of Nazca and Palpa.

The search is still on and people like you always look forward to keeping a tab on the latest updates and we are here to help you catch up the latest shots!