Spirituality VS Spiritualism

Spirituality VS Spiritualism

It is a common misunderstanding that Spirituality and Spiritualism are the same things but in reality they are not. Spiritualism is a belief in God and other supernatural entities and believing that a medium can channel those spirits from the spirit world into his self. Spirituality on the other hand is a personal experience. It is a path that leads a person to know the reason of his existence. Spirituality often is the values and moralities with which a person lives by.

Everyone gets aspired from different teachings therefore spirituality is one’s distinct characteristic. To lead a spiritual life, one looks for the wisdom that mirrors his heart and that satisfies one’s own self.

A person who is in search of truth and meaning of life will be the one to gain enlightenment. It doesn’t come to the one who doesn’t seek it. Therefore spirituality changes a person’s view of life.

No one can determine another person’s level of spirituality because it is an innate characteristic which cannot be measured. The only way is to see it in that person’s life. A person who is spiritually enriched lives his life meaningfully, he helps those he can, remembers that goodness come to those who are patient and always strive to better his-self. In short, a spiritually aware person’s words, thoughts and behavior are always in harmony.

We cannot say that one is right and the other is wrong. In fact, both are the steps of reaching enlightenment. One cannot attain spirituality without being spiritualism. So one is needed to get to the other level. Read more about spiritual healing.