Tarot Cards- The future can be predicted

Tarot Cards- The future can be predicted

The main problem we face today as predictive readers are that we do not believe in free will. We think that our future can be predicted, and then it must be set in stone, unchangeable. It is this assumption which forces many people to reject fortune telling.

I have seen my future for myself. I have predicted it a long time ago. I also believe that you may have also made predictions or had a reading which has come true, and that is why you are reading this article. I am very much sure, at some point in your life; you might justify your beliefs to others. I believe that our destiny, fate and free will work altogether. These concepts do not conflict with each other; they just give your life meaning and direction. Your destiny is your full potential and not something which is holding you against your will. If you follow the signs from the universe and go in the right direction your destiny is what it can be. However, many people do not follow their destiny, and this is where life gets tricky.

There are callings we do not listen to, soulmates we reject, past times we love but do not build jobs around. Using our free will we reject the things which truly make us happy, which warm our souls, which are our destiny. We settle for relationships which are painful, jobs which we hate. We ignore the signs that something better is out there because we get comfortable in the false sense of security that a controlling lover or steady job brings us. We can stay in the box or break it down. We reject or chase our destiny using our free will. We can decide to surrender to the unknown or fight against it. Have you ever tried your hardest for something only to watch it fall apart? That lover who changes overnight? That job you cannot get? What we often brush off as just bad luck is actually fate; fate often steps in to pull apart the road which veers too far from our destiny.

To have faith in destiny is not to give up trying. Destiny says there is something better out there for us if we trust in signs, the universe and to themselves. For me, destiny sounds like a pretty wonderful thing. Fate brings us blessings in disguise. I always loved divination, but I convinced myself that I had to get an average job after the birth of my Son. I played it safe. I went back to school, then to college. While I attended college, I won many awards and obtained fantastic references. With some scholarships, I got trained in financial matters. I made a professional CV. Every week I literally applied for hundreds of jobs in 2 different counties. You would think that I would have had a chance at employment now wouldn’t you? In those 2-3 years, I only had two interviews but none of them went well. Not just that but the signs were there that I wasn’t going ever to get a job. I lost my library card, tried to sign into my Government Job Search account but I would be denied access. The printer stops working when I tried to print my CV. When I tried to call the employers, I found that the numbers are disconnected. That was my life day in day out. My family took my misfortune as a sign that my job hunt was always going to be fruitless. They would say things like “there must be something better for you out there”!

Now when I am working in the spiritual industry professionally, I can see what my family meant. I believe that this is my destiny. Running the business what I am doing was never easy, it wasn’t always a walk in the park. I used to ask my cards (when I was unemployed) what I was meant to do, and I kept getting the High Priestess. Other psychics had also told me that one day I would be a well-known reader and write a book about Tarot. Now I believe that the universe and spirits around us send us signs to usher us towards our destiny. These signs are either through natural means, or they come to us through deliberate means i.e. in Tarot readings.

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