The origin of Puma punku

The origin of Puma punku

Puma punku is the most attractive ancient site on the planet. It is a unique in the way it was shaped and constructed. The most significant piece of evidence that we have in the entire ancient alien astronaut puzzle can be found in the highlands of Bolivia. It was built directly by extra-terrestrials. Evidence found in this region of Bolivia shows that the area was a flourishing centre for commerce and pre-Columbian culture as early as the 600 A.D. However, recent studies of monolithic structures about fifteen to twenty meters beneath the surface of Lake Titicaca, establish that civilians may date back to about 12,000 earlier. This calculation-comes from the studies of Hugo Boero-Rojo who calculated the-depth of the structures.The supernatural phenomena show that the area of Titicaca was above water level at some time in the past. Evidence from sediments places that time at between 11,000 and 10,000 B.C. this left Tiahuanaco the oldest civilian known to man.

History of Puma punku

The alien is a large complex on the edge of Tiahuanaco. Super natural phenomena describe the site being the location where father god, god of action, shaper of many worlds and destroyer of many worlds created human and earth. The phenomena show that Viracocha (the god of action, shaper of many worlds and destroyer of many worlds), created a human from the earth on great rock. He created the rock and sent two giant servants to name the tribes of the earth. Another super natural phenomena of the aliens is the gateway of the sun that depicts Viracocha-coming through a-type of stargate. The carving-is created from a single twelve tonne stone. Scattered about the site are many monolithic stones that are cut and routed in multiple levels with perfect interlocking shapes- a feat-far beyond a primitive civilisation that used bronze hand tools and stone. The only explanation for this precision is this task the utilisation of machine tools similar to diamond-tipped quarry saws, CNC routers and masonry drills used today and powered by internal combustion engines and electricity.

Alien technology

No scientist or archaeologist can offer any other information for amazing-existence of aliens stonework. Viracocha and the giant servants must have been interpretations of visitation by highly intelligent aliens that possessed the technology to construct the structures at the alien site. The super natural phenomena of viracocha’s creation of humanity and then destroying it with a great flood is inconsistent with the ancient Sumerian texts account of the Annunaki and even the Judeo-Christian bible’s old testament creation stories and the great flood. How could all these civilians develop the same creation and destruction by flood stories unless they were independent accounts of real events that were independent accounts of actual events that were documented by humans under the direction of ancient aliens who brought the technology for machines, genetic invention and language.


On the shores of Lake Titicaca, scientists and archaeologists discovered another super natural phenomena stone dish named Fuente Magna. The surprising fact about this artifact is that it was covered in proto-Sumerian writing. The two civilians are divided by almost 5,000 miles a huge ocean and lack of technological ability to construct vessel capable of crossing the ocean. In addition, the ancient civilisation was not used in the pre-Columbian culture. When Spanish explorers landed in Bolivia, the residents of Tiauanaco region thought that the gods of Viracocha had returned. Their oral traditionalists described the gods as having reddish hair and light skin. The Spanish explorers wore shiny armour and were lighter skinned than Columbians. However, they arrived in large ships that had not been known to these residents.

The stones in alien site are made of granite and diorite. They were easily workable with the equipment available to the Andean culture. Equipment that included high-quality metal alloy chisels. These tools would be more than sufficient to make the angels in the cite. Faces of the rocks were finished using a polishing technique after being cut. However, the stones had tell-tale drag marks and hoisting holes for ropes. The idea that pumapunku was from Atlantean times is based on a very transparent flawed presupposition which I modern time can be described to be false.

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